I am Anuradha, from Bangalore, India. I’m an engineer by degree (which I pursued for over 3 years as profession), before I decided to call it quits and try things my way. Being an avid traveler, I launched a travel portal and a blog with my husband. Through the journey of blogging and managing a blog & portal, I learnt a lot of things within a span of a month. So much that I started this blog 🙂

Bloggerspod is my creation to help other bloggers out there to achieve their dreams too. Blogging is not difficult, but its not easy as well. You can’t just get 2 or 3 things right and then say “You did it”. There are a lot of variables involved in the equation, each of those affect your growth as a blogger in various magnitudes which you cannot even imagine. Blogging is a journey just like any other, difficult but fruitful in the end if done with perseverance.

Bloggerspod has now evolved into helping other bloggers full-time to achieve their dreams. We offer various services such as blog set-up, logo designing, theme customization, personal blogging sessions etc. Do visit our services page to know more.

If you want to drop a mail, do contact us through this Contact form or drop a mail to contact[at]bloggerspod.com.

Happy Blogging!