How To Add Contact Form In WordPress

Today’s topic is a simple tutorial on “How to add Contact Form in WordPress“. There are many simple ways to do it, but I will show you how I have done in all of my WordPress blogs. And you will know how easy it is to add contact form in the WordPress blog of yours.

So without further ado, here are the 4 steps to add Contact Form in WordPress.

How To Add Contact Form  In WordPress

Step 1: Download the plugin named “Contact Form 7”

Contact Form 7 Plugin

To do that, head over to Plugins section in your Dashboard. Click on “Add New” at the top. Search for “Contact Form 7”. This is the most widely used plugin, although any similar plugin can serve the purpose. At the end of the day, it all depends on how efficiently a developer has coded a plugin. As code efficiency matters a lot for our blog performance. Install the plugin and activate. Alternatively, you could download the plugin to your local PC and upload the plugin to the server. But its a lot easier to download the plugins directly from the Plugins section.

Step 2: Edit the “Settings” section of the “Contact Form 7” plugin

Contact Form 7 Dashboard

Once its successfully installed, click on “Settings” of the Contact Form 7 plugin. Here, edit details such as the email id to which you would like to receive the messages sent from the Contact Form, the “from” address that you want to be displayed, the name, etc. Save these settings. Copy the contact form code that’s displayed in the settings of the plugin.

Step 3: Add a Contact page in the “Pages” section of the Dashboard

Add New Contact Form

Now, add a new page in the “Pages” section in the Dashboard of your WordPress. Enter in the page with what do you want to say to your audience.

For example, check out our Contact page to see how I have included the contact form.

Step 4: Include the Contact Form plugin code at the appropriate place in the Page

After entering the content in the Contact Page, paste the code that you copied in Step 3. Publish the page. Go to your contact page and send a dummy test message to yourself from the contact form. If you get the message to your mail id that you set, everything is working fine.

If required, this form could be added in other pages too. You could add this contact form code in the widgets as well, but not sure how good it would look.

Yayy! Now you know how to add contact form in WordPress. Hope this post was useful. If it was, do share the content among people who might get benefited from this. Thanks!

Do you have any other way to add contact form in WordPress (apart from the contact form plugins)? Do leave a comment.

Happy Blogging!

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