Top 5 Websites To Create Logo Online For Your Brand

What’s one thing that famous brands all over the world has sworn by as one of their major success factors? Their LOGO! Look at Nike’s, the tick and JUST DO IT? Have you forgotten it even by mistake? I bet, no. Audi, with four rings? Nope. Logo is an integral part of the brand from its inception. Hence a great stress on logo creating process. Not everyone can afford to hire a logo designer and get the work done. Neither do you have to learn all the complex tools such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver yourself. With many websites offering various web services online, one can easily create logo online. Let’s go through 5 of those websites which are highly used for creating logo online.

Top 5 Websites To Create Logo Online For Your Brand


Create Logo Online Designmatic

Probably the most easy way to create logo online, where all you have to do is insert the name of your company and industry and ask the site to show you all possible designs. When you like a particular design, you select it and customize it according to your needs. In the final step, you pay a nominal amount and download the design. There is an option to design the business cards as well.


Create Logo Online Logomakr

Logomakr is the go-to tool if you don’t want to spend a bomb on designing the logo. After designing the conceptual design, make all the necessary changes like setting the resolution of the image, colors etc you can save the final logo in .png format. You can also watch a tutorial video which pops up in the home page. But one downside is that you have to be highly creative with minimal tools possible and create a logo from scratch. Whereas other websites in this post provide a sample design based on which on you can customize it further.


Logogenie create logo online

This is very similar to DesignMatic where you enter your business name and domain to get a list of designs. You can choose the one you like and customize it based on your needs. And just like in DesignMatic, you have to pay a nominal fee to download the original image. Do not forget to at least try LogoGenie out when you are hunting for websites to create logo online!


Logogarden create logo online

LogoGarden is a free tool you can use to create logo online as well as download it for free. The downloadable version is a web-suitable version, which is of a low-resolution. For the high-resolution, a fee has to be paid in order to download. Nevertheless, the low resolution one could be used at most places. You could create business cards and design other merchandise for your company such as Tees and mugs but those services are available at a fixed rate again.


Freelogodesign create logo online

FreeLogoDesign is very similar to LogoGarden but has a wide range of symbols and color palettes available to design your logo. Once you are satisfied with the logo, you can download a low-resolution image. Like in LogoGarden, you need pay a fixed amount if you have to download the high-resolution logo. There are options to design business cards, mugs, tees etc.

So these are the cool websites that you can use to create logo online for your brand. Have you used any of these?
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