HUGE Bluehost Sale For Only $2.95/mo

Last time when I wrote about self-hosted blogs, I had decided to test Bluehost hosting services for a couple of months and then write a detailed review post. Its been more than 4 months since I have been hosting my WordPress blog in Bluehost and I must say have been pretty impressed with their services. The detailed review post will be up soon, sorry for the delay. But Bluehost is offering a sale on August 17th, 2016 where they are offering hosting accounts for as less as $2.95/month for 12 months (slashed from $5.95/month). That’s a sweet deal. Let me talk more about it.

HUGE Bluehost Sale offering hosting account for only $2.95/month

Bluehost is one among the top hosting providers in the world. In fact, WordPress recommends Bluehost as the top option for hosting a WordPress blog. So much that nowadays people use “Bluehost” and “WordPress” as synonyms (though its wrong). Bluehost also provides affordable hosting platforms for everyone. I have a couple of niche blogs and all of them are hosted in Bluehost, so you can imagine. The services start as low as $1.95/month, so I wasn’t lying about the affordability.




So why self-hosted blogs? In addition to the advantages of self-hosted blogs that I mentioned in my last post, a self-hosted blog gives your blog a credibility. People immediately trust your blog. Of course it also depends on various other factors like design, responsiveness, content, reader engagement etc but a blog with a domain that you own, tells a lot to the readers. It shows them that you are serious about what you are doing. It becomes all the more important to have a self-hosted blog if you want to monetize your blog and brand it.



Now, why do you need a hosting platform? Unless you have a server that you have dedicated to run your blog with uninterrupted power and internet connection, you need a blog hosting platform where you can host your blog. These hosting platforms make sure that your blog/website runs smoothly 24×7 with least downtimes and interruptions. There are various hosting platforms in the market now, Hostgator, DreamHost, FlyWheel, SiteGround etc.

Once you get onto a blog hosting platform, you would need to install WordPress. Then you can start blogging right away. Coming to the Bluehost sale that’s going to be on August 17th, 2016, you would get a Bluehost hosting account for as less $2.95/month. The price before the sale was at least $5.95/month for 12 months. Considering the slash in price, keeping in mind that it’s for a whole year, this is as best as this can get.

bluehost sale wordpress


Have you always wanted to own one of those professional looking blog where you had dreamt of writing for your readers? Head over to Bluehost, buy a hosting plan (there is an option to buy the domain there as well, more on that later), start blogging! Wish there was an offer when I was buying the hosting, this would have been a major saver!

So what are you waiting for? DO NOT miss this Bluehost sale. Like I said, this is as best as it can get.


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