How To Improve Typing Speed Within A Week

When I was done with my 12th board exams, I pretty much had nothing to do. Suddenly I had all the time in the world while I waited for my engineering college to begin. I had always wanted to improve typing speed and type at a better pace without looking at the keyboard like other professional typists I had seen. So I learnt the basics of typing and practiced whenever I had time to kill. I not only mastered it more than I thought I would, I still get compliments on my typing abilities (I can race you at 100 wpm minimum now!). Typing thousands of lines of codes, letters, documents, were all just a breeze after that. Imagine not being bogged down just by your typing speed, even though your thinking is far faster! And today, I attempt to improve typing speed of yours 🙂

How To Improve Typing Speed Within A Week

Improve Typing Speed

Typing speed is measured using the metric words per minute i.e., the number of words that you can type per minute. Each word is distinguished by a “space” that you type, which is the Space bar that you hit at the end of each word. So if someone says they type at 120 wpm, that means on an average they can type at approximately 120 words per minute speed. It is definitely possible, just do not give up sooner. If I can do it, so can you. Its just a matter of improving your muscle memory. Without further ado, let’s get started on tips to improve typing speed.

Join Online Typing Classes

improve typing speed

First and foremost, you need to learn the basics of typing (even if you already know it, because you could end up learning a new thing you never knew!). Join online classes such as Keybr and learn about the keyboard layout. Try to memorize and practice one row of letters per day. Do this for over a week or so. Its easier when you practice in increments this way, because it not only will improve typing speed but it will improve typing accuracy as well! That means, you will do least possible mistakes while typing.

Practice, Practice

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Now that you have learnt all the keys and can type individual rows well, PRACTICE! Yes, practice is the key for success at anything. Try typing a small printed document into a word doc or a set of images into docs. Or type paragraphs from your favorite book or novel. Send loooooooong mails to your loved yours 🙂 Typing is the ‘key’ for success 😉

Master all the keys, including non-alphabetical

Enroll for online typing games such as TypeRacer where you can race alone or with your friends or with strangers. But a disclaimer from my side, Typeracer is really fun and highly addictive! Keep doing this and in no time you will master all the alphabets in all rows including special characters.

Follow these four steps and I can guarantee that your typing speed will improve soon. Hope you found this post helpful, if yes, leave a comment!

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