These are the resources that are the building blocks of any successful web business. This is a non-exhaustive list, that is added every time I come across an amazing tool or a resource that is aiding me in running my online enterprises.



Perhaps the #1 hosting service provider in the world with over 2 million websites hosted and counting! Bluehost specifically supports WordPress users with wide variety of tools and resources to get them started easily.

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The next best hosting platform that’s available out there. DreamHost offers similar packages as that of Bluehost and has become a tough competitor to Bluehost in the recent years.

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With its professional services related to Email Marketing, AWeber quickly became one of the top used Email subscription and marketing tools. There is a wide-arrayed of pricing plan suiting small business to huge ones.

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theme-junkie wordpress themes

ThemeJunkie offers wide arrayed of WordPress themes to varieties of businesses, blogs, ecommerces and magazines. They offer not only premium themes but a set of free themes to help the beginners get the feel of their WordPress themes.

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SEMRush, perhaps the only SEO tool you will ever need. You can not only get detailed analysis of your website/domain but track your competitors backlinks, keywords, keywords that you can rank easily and hundreds of other highly useful features.

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ThemeForest has a huge amazing collection of WordPress themes. Many of the top blogs in top niches use themes from ThemeForest. Do check out their amazing collection of affordable WordPress themes which are categorized based on the niches.

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