5 Reasons Why Self Hosted Blogs Are The Best

A self hosted blog, as the name says, hosted on its own without the help of other platforms such as Google’s Blogger or WordPress.com. The user here buys a domain and a hosting plan, sets up a blog on his own and maintains it as opposed to ready-made blogs. Though its easier to just start a blog in Blogger/Wordpress.com, the long run advantages are more in self hosted blogs if one expects return on investment from those blogs.  Self hosted blogs are very advantageous when compared to Blogger or WordPress.com or any other publishing platforms.

Lets see 5 reasons why self hosted blogs are the best and why one should go for it if they are serious about blogging.

5 Reasons Why Self Hosted Blogs Are The Best

Freedom for all kinds of customizations

Customer truly is the king when it comes to self hosted blogs. Your blog, your rules. You could install any plugin or theme you want, change the UI completely, monetize your blog as per your needs, set custom error pages, direct FTP access, even change the code if required! That’s the freedom any serious blogger or a business would want.

Dedicated server hosting option

Self hosted blogs have the option of hosting the blog on a dedicated server than opting for shared hosting. A shared hosting is where 2 or more blogs share a server’s capacity. Dedicated server hosting means more capacity, bandwidth, storage space and lots of other perks. This is a definite advantage for serious businesses or bloggers. Whereas blogger and other platforms such as WordPress.com use shared hosting.

Extensive themes and plugins support

Plugins are not allowed in blog publishing platforms such as Blogger and WordPress.com for security reasons. Also, not many themes are provided by default. Whereas WordPress.org and other self hosted blog platforms allow any theme and plugin to be installed in user’s blogs. Of course, at user’s risk! There are loads of plugins available which could turn your blog into whatever you want.

Search Engine Optimization advantages

Since user has a lot more control over his website, making the website search engine optimized is lot easier when compared to publishing platforms such as Blogger. There are loads of plugins available for SEO which the user can avail such as Yoast SEO. This makes a huge difference, as SEO is the key for any blog’s success. Doing it manually is a flight’s risk that user has to take in platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.com.

Selling/buying websites

Buying/selling brands/companies is a common thing nowadays. But Blogger doesn’t provide the option to sell or buy blogs. This is a huge setback, as being unable to buy/sell a blog affects the brand as no one would be interested in owning a brand without the blog.

Do you have a self hosted blog? What are some of the other advantages that you are observing? Leave a comment on your thoughts about self hosted blogs.

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