What Is IFTTT? How Could Your Blog Benefit From IFTTT?

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT recipe list
Sample IFTTT Recipe List

IFTTT¬†(stands for If This Then That) is a web-service that allows users to automate certain conditional statements. For example: If there is a new blog post in the feed, then publish the blog post URL to Facebook Page. The above statement is known as a recipe. Each recipe consists of channels, which are a set of other web services (Blog and FB pages in the above examples are the channels). The ‘if‘ statement is the trigger, based upon which the ‘that‘ statement i.e., action is done.

Users can either use the recipes which are already created by either IFTTT or other users or create recipes on their own according to the requirements. This is not just it, IFTTT can connect various apps and even devices such as LED bulbs. The recipe will run at the designated time and frequency, easing your work ūüôā

Benefits/Features of IFTTT

Now that we know what is IFTTT, lets go to the next step i.e., how we could benefit from it?

IFTTT is a wonderful invention that is surely going to help a lot of people. There are apps where you can automate things, but CONNECTING them was a problem. You could not connect for example, Facebook and Google Drive. Lets see some of the amazing features of IFTTT.

Channels supported In IFTTT
Channels supported In IFTTT
  • Automation of web services and applications. That means, more time (from a lot of manual work) saved!
  • HUGE list of applications that are compatible with IFTTT (Automobile apps, Social Media, Publishing Platforms, Home Apps and LOT more!)
  • HUGE(r) database¬†of already available recipes. Other users like us, have created lots of recipes that we could make use of, instead of creating one from the scratch.

How to use IFTTT?

Step 1: Signing Up

Since the services of IFTTT are free, you could sign up for an account here.

Step 2: Connect the Channels

Once you are done creating an account, login and connect  your other channels here. There are is whole range of apps ranging from car applications to social media.

Step 3: Search/create appropriate recipe

Now, based on your requirements either search for an already existing recipe or create one on your own with the appropriate channels of your interest. Also set the frequency and the time at which the recipe has to be run.

And then you are done!

If the recipes do not work for some reason, you will get a notification via email. You could always go back and check the error log.

Sample recipes of IFTTT

Its really intriguing to use IFTTT. For starters, you could control your Philips Hue lights according to your wish. You could also get a¬†notification¬†if you haven’t reached your fitness goals for a particular day.

Listed here are some of the sample recipes you can check.

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